Mr. Issaka DIALGA is Ph.D candidate and a Founding Member of the African Network for Public Policy Analysis and   Assessment, in charge of the Dissemination of Scientific Production, Communication, Public Relations and Partnerships.

He is specialized in Mining Economics and Sustainable Development, Expert in Economic Evaluation of Sustainable Development

His Current Position and Professional Occupations are: Teaching and Research Associate at University of Nantes, France, Permanent Member of the Improvement Committee of the Master 2, Economic Evaluation of Sustainable Development at Nantes University, and Associate Member at Scientific Research Improvement Circle (Burkina Faso).

His skills and expertise: Expert in the development of decision-making tools (Synthetic indexes, Dashboards, Agenda 21, Evaluation benchmark, Certification labels) Public Policy Assessment, Mining Policy Assessment, Environmental Goods and Services Economic Assessment.

His Research Areas: Methodology of composite indicators building, Mining Economics, Sustainable

Development, Environment Economics, Commodity Economics, Public Policy, Economic and industrial activities' location theory, Economic and Institutional Governance

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