I'm Egyptian PhD Student in the field of Management Sciences. I'm working on my research at LEMNA, University of Nantes in Nantes. My research interests lie primarily in the area of business network management, organisational collaboration / alliances, innovation and entrepreneurship processes. I'm teaching Financial Markets and Industrial Economics at The University of Nantes, France. I'm also teaching Database at Ain Shams University, Cairo.  Secretary General of the African Network for Public Policy Analysis and Assessment.

I possess more than 5 years in France of progressive experience at Nantes University I got Master 1 in Management Sciences at The Institute of Economics and Management of Nantes in 2011 and Master 2 in Market Research and Marketing Decision Making in 2012. I began to develop an interest in research during my internship at the subsidiary of research development at Nantes University. I managed to create a standard operating procedure for the valorisation of different research projects in the industrial market. Indeed, the interaction between academia and industry in needed to create an enabling environment for innovation. On this subject, I developed a research paper in my master of Research and Business Consulting in 2013. This represents a cornerstone for my doctoral research which deals with the management of business networks in the Information and Communication Technology sector. My goal is to foster innovation and contribute to economic dynamics of Egypt through these networks. My research will offer clusters operating in the MENA region with the necessary tools to foster their development.

I would like to highlight that I presented my work at the launching of a new company in Egypt for the development of clusters, to give advices and recommendations to city leaders on the forms of governance that contribute dynamic innovation. I also presented my work in many international conferences in France, Egypt, Senegal, Morocco and Tunis.

I’m also a Board Member at Egylière Travel: http://www.egylieretravel.com/ . Egylière Travel is led by CEO Mohamed Kaoud. Within the senior management team of Egylière Travel is a cadre of international executives from the United Kingdom, Italy, Egypt and Switzerland who understand the influences that will change and shape the world in the 21st century. Egylière Travel is committed to becoming the best travel services provider in the Middle East and North Africa. We aim to establish and develop an enterprise which will reflect and lead the customer base that we serve.

Travelling and getting to know other cultures are my biggest passion. Meeting people from different backgrounds across the road is a great process of learning. That's why I preferred to develop my academic experience abroad.

My message in life lies to have a positive impact on the lives of others. I'm interested in being a consultant- researcher to share my knowledge and experience across the world. Teaching for students from different countries makes me really happy. That's the happiness of giving what we have learned to others.

“The more I grow! the more I realize that life is about challenging yourself and taking risks to do your job. This job is just a temporary means to express your message to the world. The true value of it lies in the positive impact on the lives of others.” Hebatalla KAOUD